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Today, Jacek Brodzki was giving a lecture on K-theory of C*-algebras (as a part of a course on KK-theory). I wonder whether I’m not wasting my time attending this course (lectures are alright, but I don’t understand much), but at least I was able to hear this:

(Before proving Bott periodicity theorem) “Unfortunately, Raoul Bott died last year. However, his results are…” – There was a pause, I coudn’t resist and said – “still correct”.

Also on the same lecture:

(While proving Bott Periodicity Theorem): “This is the key insight, which can be traced back to Atiyah’s original proof for topological K-theory: a*b => a*b” Someone from the public: “Very deep indeed. You mean a*b => b*a?” “Well, if you insist. It will take us much more work, but hell with that. Yeah, a*b => b*a”.


This comes from xkcd comic which I’m now going through (because – and I want to emphasize causality – I should learn for Hodge Theory exam). Olek Zablocki, one of cleverer mathematics students I personally know (here’s how clever he is globally), told me once that he thinks it’d be cool to be a carpenter. This topic is very broad, and I haven’t time right now to blog (I have to read whole xkcd archive learn for my exams.)