I’m Łukasz (or Luke) Grabowski. My hometown is Szczecin, Poland, but currently I’m doing my PhD at the University of Goettingen, under a supervision of Andreas Thom. My thesis will hopefully concern geometric group theory.

Apart from mathematics, I like mountain hiking, reading books (mostly SF/Fantasy), good music, playing guitar, photography and funny things (Monthy Python and Southpark are very good examples of my taste here). However, on occasions I wonder whether my brain isn’t deteriorating in the direction described by my friend mathematician: “I’m able to think only about mathematics and sex”. As of early 2009 this doesn’t seem to be the case any longer. In short words, mathematics is harder than I thought it is, and it takes more and more effort to think about it.

“sirix” is my old, meaningless nickname to which I’m very used to.

In case you were wondering how do I look, here’s my outdated picture(though personally I don’t really think I look like this :-) (no, now I’m fatter :-(( ). You can mail me using the address graboluk at certain_server_administered_by_google (you might be from Germany where things are different so let me explicetely write gmail.com).