Due to a bonfire I’m unable to write anything coherent. Also, I’m quite dissapointed by my yesterday post (I spent ~2 hours on it and described only ≤ half of one lecture (out of ~4)). So I’ll only list the topics I wanted to blog about:

– Kahler groups. Kahler groups are groups which are fundamental groups of Kahler manifolds. The big question is obviously “which groups are Kahler groups?”. The lecture was particularly interesting, because it combined GGT techniques with algebraic/complex geometry techniques. Forunately, tomorrow or the day after I’ll have another opportunity to listen about that so there are some chances I’ll blog about it.

-Serre-Bass theory. We had a fast course in Serre-Bass theory. The concern of S-B theory are so called graphs of groups. The outcome is, informally speaking, that one can say whether a given group G is isomorphic with some nontrivial amalgamated free product. This is done by very geometric techniques – if one was able to use only algebraic techniques it would be probably a hopeless question.

-Some theorems about Simplicial Non-Positive Curvature. Notably that complexes satysfying SNPC are aspherical.

-Some dirty methods to check whether given complex is Cat(0) or not.

I fixed the link to Lieven Le Bruyn description of a healthy branch of mathematics (I think GGT fits this description) in a day 1 post.

Bonfire was a very nice social meeting, but it ended very late – I’m unable to blog anything more. Also, I still think about a suitable form for blogging semi-live from a school/conference, after yesterday sort-of-failure.