It’s more than a month since I wrote last post and unfortunately it seems that it’ll take some time ’till I’ll be able to blog again. For last couple of weeks I was back in my home, in Szczecin, and I was supposed to be learning hard. I did not, and accordinly I have to learn hard now (of course, I don’t. I’m f****** wasting my time but I just cannot focus on things when I am forced to).

I already passed PDE exam, now I’m trying to focus on “Complex manifold topology and Hodge theory” and there is still plenty to do about Homological algebra II…….

link: Scott Aaronson wrote a superb article on quantum factoring algorithm.

Oh yes, and the onions… I like them very much, I add them to much of what I eat and accordingly if I’m going to buy myself some onions I don’t buy 3 onions but 5kg so that I have a supply for two months. I put them in refrigerator and it never happens that these onions rot or anything like that.

And yesterday, after I opened my refrigerator for the first time in about 4 weeks (I was back in Szczecin for this long) I discovered that 3 of my precious onions produced green shoots! In refrigerator. For 1.5 month. I was stunned! Almost touched! I just can’t eat them now – this great force of life makes me shed a tear. I moved them out of refrigerator onto windowsill and on monday I’ll buy them some soil and a flowerpot.